Gift Certicficates


Gift Certificates can be purchased at anytime using the Purchase a Gift Card Here
The recipient will receive an electronic Gift Certificate which can be printed or simply viewed from an electronic device. You are able to customize your message to the recipient and choose from a variety of artwork to personalize your gift.

In Person

Gift Certificates can be purchased in person at Healing Touch Downtown in University Square.

Monday-Friday – 9am to 5pm, Saturday – 9am-5pm and Sunday – 12:00pm to 6pm for your convenience. Simply call us at 507.287.6162 with any questions.

We simply add funds directly to an account in the recipient’s name–no certificate to keep track of, nothing to lose! All the recipient has to do is schedule the appointment at his/her convenience and relax!

The following prices are suggested values for Gift Card purchases:

Ultimate Facial Massage


Integrative Massage (60 minutes)


We’ve Got Your Back Treatment (90 minutes)


Rejuvenating or Precious Minerals Packages (90 minutes)


Hot Stone Massage (90 minutes)


Ultimate Escape (120 minutes)


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