FYI- If you loved your services, and refer someone, please ask them to give us your name so we can give you a $5 credit toward your next service!

5/1/22 (TK)

Had a birthday massage by an apprentice, Mariah, was VERY satisfied. Her hands were magical put me to sleep. Already booked another appointment with her. A must go!

4/27/22 (Lauren)

I left a review 4 years ago that was not great because of a poor experience I had, today I decided to give them a second chance. I 100% take this review back and was blown away with my experience today… Nikki was great! I have had some serious issues with my sciatic on my right side the last 3 months and she made a HUGE difference in my pain level today, couldn’t recommend her more! Their new location is BEAUTIFUL and super peaceful! Thank you healing touch!!


Laura was AMAZING! So sweet, knowledgeable, and really took her time in the areas I requested. Definitely would recommend this place to anyone interested in a relaxing massage. Can’t wait to go back.

4/23/22 (Sarah)

Half hour of bliss. Kevin gave me a great, back massage- working out a knot between the shoulder blades. Highly recommend.

4/21/22 (Abby)

I have been coming to healing touch for 4-5 years . Deb is great and the only reason I even come . A few months ago my dad had a massive heart attack. I called several hours before my appt and said I was heading to the hospital and they still charged me for my appt. I have been coming for years and never had missed or skipped/ canceled my appts.
I set that aside and still wanted to come back because Deb is just the best . The front desk staff is incredibly rude and short . Kathryn specifically . They always seem super inconvenienced when you call. Prices are really expensive and parking is a pain


Hello Abby, I have left you a voice message on your phone as well sent you an email, however, you have not replied to me. One of the beautiful things about choosing to go to a small business is when you have an issue, you can deal directly with the owner. But if you just complain (and wait 4 months to complain) and don't respond when the owner reaches out to resolve the issue, then that's on you. You might find that Massage Envy is a better choice for you in the future. Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)

4/17/22 (Jeff)

Was in from out of town. When with a student and it was amazing. Wanted to come back but didn't have time. Would definitely recommend them. They are trained well.

4/16/22 (Aryn)

Nikki is the best massage therapist I’ve ever seen! I experience chronic pain and have ptsd so feeling safe enough to get a massage is a rare occurrence for me. Nikki makes me feel so safe I actually fell asleep during the massage! Plus my pain has significantly decreased since seeing her regularly. I highly recommend booking with her!

4/16/22 (Carolyn)

Great massage
Very relaxing atmosphere. My neck and shoulders were extremely tight going in and felt much looser afterwards. I would definitely recommend!

4/13/22 (Kyler)

Had a great first time ! Got a men’s facial and was amazing. Shelly did a wonderful job! Excited to go back! Thank you

4/6/22 (Kaitie)

Laura was absolutely wonderful for my prenatal massage. She was incredibly gentle in areas that felt tender and sensitive, while also working out the stiffness in my neck, shoulders, and back. She also offered tips on stretches that would help relieve future tension. I have already noticed a change in my posture and ability to move and I’m beyond grateful to her!

3/28/22 (Mandy)

This was my first deep tissue massage and it was fantastic. I will be back for sure.

3/24/22 (Alicia)

Fabulous massage and wonderful environment.


2/25/22 (Kathleen)

Amazing ambiance & amazing massage! Will definitely be back :)

2/25/22 (Nicole)

Staff was very friendly and was a great experience. Highly recommend!

2/22/22 (Michael)

Destination Zanzibar and finally a break from my tension and pain. I am feeling so good a couple of days after my treatment and thank Nikkie and the Healing Touch Spa team for the comfort and repair I seek. This place is the real deal, expert level.

2/22/22 (Todd)

Relaxing atmosphere. Amazing staff. Excellent services.


2/21/22 (Jane)

The healing behind the moment you enter the salon. The massage room was calming with a beautiful salt crystal wall, music and a comfortable table and sheets. My therapist was professional and facilitated my pain relief like a pro. Highly recommend

2/15/22 (Tina)

high class and professional service. massage therapist was attentive to my requests. felt amazing! was drooling at some point due to being so relaxing. best massage of my life!

2/5/22 (Amanda)

Very nice atmosphere, professional.

1/23/22 (Anna)
Laura is amazing she did a massage and luxury facial. I already feel less stiff getting out of bed a day later. The prices are steep but well worth the experience!

1/18/22 (Batgirl82)

Tension Massage
I received a tension massage with mud and hot stones. The addition of the mud and hot stones was well worth it. The warmth from the mud and stones made the massage so much more enjoyable while working on all the areas I hold my stress.


1/7/22 (Tiffany)

I had a massage appointment with Shelly and she was amazing! I went with the Ultimate Escape for a bit more pampering- Shelly started off by telling me all the parts of the experience and what to expect. She also listened attentively to all my concerns of where I was chronically aching (upper back, shoulders, neck) and she made sure to focus her time in those areas per my request. Her pressure was perfect (I usually like a bit more pressure), she did a fantastic job releasing the tension in my neck and shoulders- it was definitely one of the best experiences I had! The knotted like pain/tightness I had in my upper back was gone! Shelly did a fantastic job, I absolutely want her for my next appt!

Also of note Shelly kept her mask on the entire time as did the check in desk personnel which made me feel safer as a client

1/9/22 (MLS)
Healing Touch is friendly, professional, and helpful to give you exercises to extend the massages healing.
Deb is incredibly intuitive working on tight muscles and sore areas. I find resting the rest of the day after a massage adds to her healing work.
Deb helps with stretches to help healing and strengthening of sore muscle areas

Additionally, a hot bath at the end of the day, helps to extend the work Deb has done to my many tight muscles.

1/8/22 (Relax)
Relaxing experience in a beautifully lit room with sounds to help you melt away. I am definitely going back.


1/7/22 (Renee)

Nice friendly spa!
I only had time for a 30 minute experience but it was wonderful! Highly recommend Nikki!

1/5/22 (Sue)

My technician was very good. She provided a foot treatment that was relaxing and comfortable. The atmosphere was lovely: smells great, warm and soft table, and just the right touch.

1/4/22 (Carrie)
It was awesome! Great service and environment!


12/31/21 (Michael)
Poor, first experience. They don’t work with you at all. They charge you full price if you miss. That’s fine and outdated I guess, not excellent. What really earns this two star review is the attitude you get when they call you. I’m really embarrassed that I bought this gift card for my wife and this was the experience she got. My main critiques are 1) low level of service 2) poor Website functionality is poor for purchasing gifts. Completely turned off to this business.

Reply to this review:

Hello Michael, I'm sorry that your wife forgot about her appointment this morning. She made her appointment for 9am this morning with our manager, Catherine, on Monday Dec 27th. As with all the appointments that we schedule, your wife was informed that we have a 24 hour cancellation/change policy. She also received an email and text confirmation when she scheduled her appointment as well as an email and text reminder about her 9am appointment this morning. When we called at 8:58am this morning to check to see if your wife was on her way she informed us that she had forgotten about her appointment. An unfortunate circumstance, however, that policy is made clear on the phone when the appointment is scheduled and in followup emails and text messages. When a business follows through on a policy that they are clear about, it is not a "low level of service". Ironically, another client also forgot about his 9am apppointment this moring as well. However, interestlingly, his response was quite different than yours. This gentleman said "Oh, yes charge my credit card - totally forgot - I'm sorry - my mistake! When can I get another appointment?" Sincerely, Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)


12/30/21 (Kathy)

Friendly and concerned. Ask questions prior to massage. Very relaxing during massage

12/29/21 (Christopher)

Mika clearly explained the steps of the service and ensured I was comfortable. The body-wrap invigorated my skin.

12/24/21 (Marie)

I got the Tension Zone Treatment from Shelly. It was one of the most relaxing experiences and she did awesome on my tight upper back/neck. Highly recommend!

12/15/21 (Kamara)

Intern Shelly was wonderful! Her presence was calming. She gave me stretches to do for massage aftercare. Great place!

12/15/21 (Kurt)

Our experience was very good. My wife and I were treated very well and the staff and atmosphere was very relaxing and positive. I highly recommend it to anyone needing to relax and unwind!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

12/13/21 (Bethany)

My husband and I had a couples massage and we also spent the extra $25 each to have access to the sauna, steam room, pool, and hot tub and it was so worth it. the massage was amazing too. great mini honeymoon for under $500!

12/9/21 (Deanna)

A wonderful place to decompress and
Relax. My massage with Nikki was amazing! 😊

12/8/21 (Shelly)

Always a great experience

11/27/21 (Jodi)

Wonderful Massage!
I try to visit here anytime I’m in Rochester. Deb did a fabulous job. I always leave here feeling relaxed. I’ll definitely be back!


11/26/21 (Laure)

Nikki makes sure she understands your concerns and discusses a plan before proceeding. She checks in with you during the treatment to make sure the pressure is good. She also discusses her findings and exercises.

11/18/21 (Angela)

I had the massage on Tuesday. It was fabulous. I’m still feeling really great from it. Thank you. I will be back again.

11/14/21 (Joyce)

Wonderful massage and lovely, helpful staff. Super professional and yet, very calming. Highly recommend.

11/12/21 (Darci)

Laura is amazing and always know exactly what I need!

11/11/21 (Barry)

very well trained and professional.


11/6/21 (Hannah)

Booked a couples massage and the next day got a call regarding one of the masseuses being sick. I cannot take away credit because of this due to the pandemic. I ended up going alone for a 75 minute massage with one of the apprentices (30% off when booking with one of the apprentices). When I tell you that this was one of the best massages I have ever had, I mean that it was the best massage that I have ever had. The environment is very relaxing and private. Very professional. I also found out that I have a pinched nerve and something else going on in my lower back. If you want to be relaxed on a whole different level, I would recommend

11/1/21 (Brent)
We had a wonderful experience with the couples massage! Very professional and calming/ elegant environment. I was able to set everything up and Healing Touch went over and beyond when I asked if they could bring a bouquet of red roses. We talked about the experience hours afterwards and highly recommend trying the Healing Touch experience! We will be going back soon!

10/29/21 (Tiffany)

So relaxing and checked on pressure to make sure it was what we desired. Highly recommend. Facility is beautiful as well.

10/28/21 (Michael)

Great environment and skilled massage therapists.

10/26/21 (Lucas)

The one massage I was able to get here was fine. Unfortunately, they seem to be a location that requires rescheduling as my second appointment had to be changed a few days before it was set to occur. I understand that happens, but after re-scheduling, when I arrived they looked at me like I had no right to be there, and subsequently told me that I had no appointment and just threw their hands in the air like it's just business. I could have overlooked the rescheduling, but to simply tell me they've made a reservation and then not honor it is ridiculous and completely unprofessional.

Hello Lucas, I spoke with you directly and wemade it right with you in regard to this issue.  We have had quite a few staff out recently because of Covid, but the mistake was definitely ours and you recevied a complimentary massage to make it right.  Thank you for letting me know about our error.  Mary Jo Majerus (Founder and Owner)


10/24/21 (Michelle)

The staff is amazing and the place is so clean. Great afternoon of relaxing and meditation


10/22/21 (Katie)

Healing touch had wonderful service, from the front desk to the massage therapists. The spa was so clean and aesthetically pleasing. I really liked the option to book an appt with a student or
Non-student for price point desires. I will absolutely be back!!!


10/3/21 (Josh)

10/10 recommend. They are very hospitable and the massage was great

10/2/21 (Chris)

Great staff and extremely professional. Highly recommend all of their services!!


10/1/21 (Steven)

I’m very pleased with my last experience at Healing Touch. My appointment was confirmed and I actually arrived early. I had options to sit quietly, or to try various pieces of massage equipment. However, my therapist was there and took me back early😃. The rooms are very quiet and perfect temperature. Jaida made me feel comfortable and left no questions unanswered. I had a neck, head, and scalp massage this time! Can I say dreamy? I felt like I was in another world! In downtown Rochester, it could not be more convenient. Parking was plentiful and free! The Spa is surrounded by many options for coffee, lunch, shopping, and even cocktails.

10/1/21 (Cheri)

The care and compassion of Nikki, who did my massage, was beyond measure. Also the follow-up email with included exercises was a real treat.

9/29/21 (Tom)

Extremely excellent experience, Nicky was very insightful with the follow up after my massage. Would highly recommend


9/28/21 (abd wyz - otherwise known as Bella)

Had a miscommunication with scheduling and being able to make an appointment and the front desk women Jenn, catherine, and owner Mary Jo spoke to me in very Condescending and demeaning ways. Save your time/dignity and go somewhere where people do not speak to others from a high horse. Too rude for a “healing” spa.

Response from Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)

Hello Bella, Unfortunately there are some people in this world who are just not honest in life and though it is rare that we have those people as clients, it does occasionally happen. This is one of those times. Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)

9/17/21 (Shayla)

Deb is an amazing massage therapist. She truly has such a talent for healing. My neck and shoulder tension melted from her techniques.
The spa itself was very clean and everyone was super professional and welcoming.

9/12/21 (Sara)

I felt so great after my experience there, I floated out of there! Highly recommend

9/11/21 (Tara)

Had an incredible day. Was absolutely wonderful.
Will go back as soon as I can.

9/11/21 (Burke)

Helped my upper back pain

9/2/21 (Jessica)

Rochelle is the best massage therapist I have ever had! Not a single complaint. I love this place and the atmosphere

8/26/21 (Colin)

Focused on areas where I know I held stress. Listened to my needs. Good recommendations for stretches to improve tension areas.

8/23/21 (Anthony)

We enjoyed a couples massage and it was amazing. We added on the wine and cheese tray before and it just made our anniversary. Thank you so much for this exquisite evening!

8/23/21 (Sally)
Best massage Ever!
Everything! Wonderful experience!
Warm socks were a first!
Deb was totally professional & truly applied the ‘Healing Touch’!

8/21/21 (Andrea)

The whole place impressed me. Clean and very relaxing. The massage I received from Laura was the best i have ever received. Not only did she help with the areas I was having trouble with, she gave some stretches to do to help the areas. I can’t wait to come back!

8/18/21 (Richard)

As expected, a good quality massage experience

7/29/21 (Cobbin)

Wonderful experience, cannot recommend their services enough.

7/26/2 1(Shannon)

Rochelle is an AMAZING and knowledgeable therapist!! I don't go super often, but when I do I know I am in great hands (no puns intended) The environment is always welcoming and warm. Never want to go anywhere else!

7/26/21 (CR)
First time experience a massage from professionals and it was amazing.

7/25/21 (Tabitha)

Highly recommend! Great masseuse and facial! Hope to return!

7/22/21 (Joe Valenti)

Very disappointed. It was very expensive and the two therapist that my friend and I had were very inexperienced. I haven’t had a massage in years so I was willing to pay the high price thinking that a hotel spa was going to be the full relaxation experience. My girl sent a half hour on my neck without touching it. What happened to the good old fashioned massages where they rub your muscles. We were both very upset. Would not recommend or ever go back myself.

Reply: Hello Joe, I am not sure where you and your friend received your massages but it was not at our spa. Your name is not in our system at all. I wonder if you came to our website by mistake? Will you please correct this review to reflect that it is not about Healing Touch Spa located in the Hilton Hotel in Rochester, MN? Thank you! Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)

7/16/21 (Cindy)

I have been coming to Healing Touch since 1991. It continues to be a warm, totally relaxing, and safe place. I have had the true privilege of working with Nikki for several years. She has been kind, giving, and so skilled in turning my soreness, pain, and anxiety into relief and relaxation! I am extremely grateful. 

7/13/21 (Tim)

Finally made it back after a long COVID-19 detention. They were able to work me in on short notice with a nice new therapist, Zoe. The whole process--appointment, greeting upon arrival, the physical space--was excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed a much needed back tune-up by Zoe, who I will be going to see again.

7/12/21 (Pat)

For 3 weeks I have been experiencing severe pain in my back, neck and shoulders...and haven't slept. Thanks to Deb I left feeling RELIEF!! She listened to my concerns and zeroed in on pain points. She even provided ideas on sleep positions...which did give me a better night sleep that was much needed. From my initial inquiry call to the end of my visit my experience was extremely positive and professional. The entire atmosphere is soothing and serene. The Spa is super easy to get to and parking is no problem. I highly encourage you to pamper will be glad you did! Deb...thank you... see you soon!

7/11/21 (Laurie)

The atmosphere, the staff, everything about this spa is beyond fantastic! My therapist, Debby, listened to my concerns, and provided a highly therapeutic and very relaxing message. I immediately set up another appointment! Highly recommend!!


7/6/21 (Erin)

I had an amazing spa day. Nikki and Shelly are phenomenal! Catherine was also amazing, as she made sure I had everything I needed for the day, which included a yummy lunch in the meditation room! If you want a day or relaxation and pampering, Healing Touch Spa is your destination!! I will be back soon!

7/3/21 (Deb)

Zoey did an excellent facial!! I will be back!!

7/2/21 (Shawn)

My massage with Zoe was excellent. Price was pretty good for a 90 minute massage. I will definitely be going back.

6/29/21 (Victoria)

I was told by number of people that this spa was amazing, so I decided to treat my spouse and I to a couples massage. So I like planning things ahead of time, and since it'll be a holiday I'm guessing they would be booked (July 5th), I called to book a month out and Katherine told me all the discounts and perks and made recommendations that I added to my serive, she let me know they don't have that schedule yet but she would take down all my information to give me a call back. Heard nothing and I called to verify my appointment a week before, to my surprise there was no information on my appointment and I was not given any options. I'm extremely surprised that this popular fine establishment had disappointing communication. If they didn't want my business they should have denied me at that time so I could have brought my business somewhere else

Reply: Hello Victoria, Thank you for letting us know about the miscommunication. If we dropped the ball on getting back to you, I apologize. As Catherine told you when you called this morning, we had no record of you in our system, which we usually would have if we were going to call you back. I know that Catherine confirmed your 75 min Couples Massages on July 5th at 10am. Any business can make an error - I believe it's more about how the business handles the error and makes a correction. I believe that we addressed the issue and took care of it promptly. We look forward to seeing you on July 5th! Warm regards, Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)

6/28/21 (Kurt)

Our experience was very good. My wife and I were treated very well and the staff and atmosphere was very relaxing and positive. I highly recommend it to anyone needing to relax and unwind!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Wonderful! I highly recommend Zoe. Great experience.

6/25/21 (Kodi)

From the time of booking my appointment to days after receiving my massage I have been impressed by HTS. The quality, professionalism and communication was elite. I received a massage from Zoe and am so appreciative of her! It was just what I needed in a busy week.

6/20/21 (Steve)

This is a very nice facility. It’s intimate and very professional. I had a terrific massage by Deb who is a very experienced therapist. The room for my treatment was very comfortable and quiet. This was a wonderful escape for an hour.

6/19/21 (Reida)

Amazing! Professional spa experience, one of the best massages ever received. I will return!

6/16/21 (Sally)

I had a fantastic experience at Healing Touch Spa. Thank you. However I am still waiting for an email of my receipt. Otherwise everything was perfect.

Reply: Hello Sally,  I apologize for not sending your receipt on the 14th!  Sometimes we get busy and forget to send the receipt, so thank you for letting us know that we forgot.  I just emailed it to you now.  I'm glad to hear that everything else was fantastic and we look forward to seeing you again when you are back in Rochester.  Warm regards,  Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)

6/11/21 (Rebecca)

First time experience
I booked an appointment for a therapeutic massage on the recommendation of my doctor for back and leg pain. The experience was great and I look forward to going back.

Reply: Hello Rebecca, Thank you for taking the time to post a review - we really appreciate it! I'm glad that your doctor recommended massage and that it was helpful. I think that most folks see massage as pampering and don't understand the wide array of benefits that massage has for your health - thank you for highlighting one of the benefits! We look forward to seeing you again soon! Warm regards, Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)

6/10/21 (ML)

Healing Touch is friendly, professional, and helpful to give you exercises to extend the massages healing.
Deb is incredibly intuitive working on tight muscles and sore areas. I find resting the rest of the day after a massage adds to her healing work.

6/5/21 (Marlene)

The whole experience was great from the employees to the care they performed.

6/3/21 (Ginger)

Rochelle is awesome. The staff are friendly and professional. Top notch all the way.

6/1/21 (Jessica)

I had the most ahhhmazing massage with Deb! Her technique was fabulous and she has such a warm and inviting personality. She even showed me some stretches afterwards to help me continue to work on areas that had a lot of knots. I can’t wait to see her again!

Reply: Hello Jessica, Thank you for taking the time to post a review - we appreciate it! I'm glad you appreciated the recommendation for stretches. All of our Massage Therapists give stretches or strengthening exercises after a session - which we then email to you. It's part of our protocol. :) We look forward to seeing you again soon! Warm regards, Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)


5/30/21 (Barbara)

My experience was magical from the moment I walked in the door! I get massages often & I was visiting from Texas for medical reason so I did not know what to expect. Run don’t hesitate you need to get a massage here!!! I’m going back for a facial this week. Stay tuned for my facial review 😁

5/29/21 (Carol)

My husband has parkinsons & his every two weeks massage has helped him so much. The staff are all very pleasant, his person he has all the time, Nikki, is the best. Thank you for helping him cope with parkinsons. Tom & Carol

5/27/21 (Kayla)

Excellent Massage
The massage I received here was one of the best I have ever had! I was having issues with my hips and they were kind enough to send me some stretches they recommended to keep my hips feeling their best


Hello Kayla,

We really appreciate you taking the time to post a review!  It is part of our protocol to recommend specific stretches or strengthening exercises after your massage - and to follow up with instructions on how to do that stretch in an email.  I hope they are helping with keeping your hips flexible.

We look forward to seeing the next time you are in Rochester!

Warm regards,
Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)

5/26/21 (Kacy)

Had a great experience with Rochelle! Felt so wonderfully relaxed after! Would 100% recommend!

5/24/21 (LeeAnn)

Rochelle really took care of me. I told her exactly where I was having the most issues and that I suffer from migraines. She changed the lighting in the room and really focused on my troubled areas. I felt so much better after the massage. She even emailed stretches for me to do at home to help with pain in my neck and shoulders. I would highly recommend Healing Touch Spa, my husband and I have been there multiple times and have never been disappointed. Thank you for taking such great care of us again

5/9/21 (Eric)

I selected the full experience for my mother as a Mother’s Day gift. She remarked it was the best massage and overall relaxation package she’s ever had. Thank you Healing Touch Spa for making Mother’s Day extra special for her.

5/8/21 (Maggie)

It was so great to be back again after so long!!! I do not remember the receptionist’s name, but she is a star! And Laura was a wonderful practitioner! I so appreciate she cared enough and is learned enough to encourage me to do specific stretches she showed me to do in between massages! That is truly giving and caring about your client’s well being. Thank you!

Reply: Hello Maggie, Welcome back! And thank you for posting a review about your experience. Yes, I agree, our front desk staff is outstanding! It is part of our protocol to give our clients "homework" - whether stretches, strengthening exercises, warm salt baths or a referral to a chiropractor or PT - our goal is to support you in your healing. We look forward to seeing you again soon! Warm regards, Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)

5/8/21 (Mamie)

I went in with shoulder pain. My therapist worked very hard to relieve that pain! Wonderful experience.

Reply: Hello Mamie, Thank you for taking the time to post a review - we truly appreciate it! Thank you for your feedback - we really appreciate you taking the time to send it! It sounds like you may still have the shoulder pain. It often takes more than one session to help with a specific issue, so if your shoulder is still bothering you, I would suggest another massage as soon as you can get in. We look forward to seeing you again soon! Warm regards, Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)

5/7/21 (Steve)

I enjoyed Healing Touch because of the friendly, peaceful atmosphere and the competence of my masseuse, Nikki. Nikki found the tight muscles that needed work and would check to make sure she was using the right amount of pressure. I will be seeing her again next month.


5/7/21 (Alix)

Conveniently located, friendly, relaxing atmosphere, professional, high quality all the good things!
I got a prenatal massage and the masseuse was highly attuned to my needs. She had special pillows so I could lay on my stomach and have a full body relaxing massage.
My only complaints is parking can be tricky, with virtually no free parking options during the day. It would be nice if clients got free parking possibly...

Reply: Hello Alix, Thank you for taking the time to post a review - we appreciate it! As far as parking - do you know that if you enter the parking garages after 4pm and on weekends, the parking is free? We look forward to seeing you again - in the the evening or on the weekend! Warm regards, Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)

5/6/21 (Tennille)

After just having a liver transplant, I’ve had horrible back pain. She made me comfortable, Relaxed, and feel like she was there for me! Due to expenses she even showed my husband some techniques to do to help! I WILL go back!!

5/6/21 (Sue)

Nicky was fabulous - great massage. Had deep tissue and she hit the right pressure for me and focused on the areas I asked. Really recommend, and wish I lived in the area to go regularly...

5/4/21 (Annie)

Massage was excellent. However, I paid for aromatherapy but could not smell a thing. It was disappointing, especially for the price.

Reply: Hello Annie, Thank you for taking the time to post a review. I'm glad that your massage was excellent. I'm sorry that you didn't feel the Aromatherapy add on was beneficial. I have made a note in your profile to add a Hot Stone service to your next massage for no charge. Hopefully you will find the benefit in that Add On Service! If you have any questions, please let me know. Warm regards, Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/owner)


5/3/21 (Len)

Wonderful staff. The young lady that worked on my neck and shoulder was great. So much tension and stress was relieved. It was a great experience

4/30/21 (Rebecca)

I needed that! I had no idea I was carrying so much stress around in my neck and shoulders. I’m a new woman, now. I will be going back❤️. Thank you Nicki.

4/29/21 (Libby)

I surprised my husband with a couples massage for his birthday and he has never had a professional massage before! I paid an extra $60 for a private room with a small birthday cake and a bottle of champagne just for us! As well as hot stones during the massage. Both of our therapists were very friendly, professional and knowledgeable! My husband enjoyed every minute of his surprise and adding small touches like warm rags on the back of your neck and forehead, as well as warm socks that they slip on your feet and towel wraps during the massage really went above and beyond. They were incredibly personable and they even gave us recommendations for stretches to continue at home with at the end of it all! Definitely worth every penny.

4/24/21 (Alison)

I had a wonderful massage and my therapist was amazing. I highly recommend.

4/24/21 (Shannon)

In my time of need they got me right in an made my experience wonderful an relaxing.

4/22/21 (sdiorio)

Excellent.  Excellent massage and customer service. I highly recommend this place. I will go back next time I’m in Rochester.



4/20/21 (Nate)

I had not experienced a therapeutic massage before, so I was a little nervous despite constant suggestions from friends. Everyone was amazing at making me feel welcome, and it was way less awkward than I anticipated. I've already scheduled follow up appointments, because boy do I have tension and I'm feeling way better.

4/19/21 (Jennifer)

😀😀😀 Super awesome very professional

4/19/21 (Anonymous)

Everything was awesome. Wish I lived closer so I could use your services more frequently. Will definitely get another massage with you when I’m in Rochester again
Thank you
Take care

4/12/21 (Natasha)

Wonderful service. Massage was relaxing yet strong enough pressure to actually work my muscles and get knots and tension out. The spa is beautiful, and all staff was very professional and helpful. I will definitely be returning!

4/10/21 (Dennis)

Literally I’ve had over 100 sessions and Laura was one of the very best!!!!!!
I woke in Tennessee this morning thinking about my wonderful massage

4/8/21 (Michele)
Healing touch does a great job! Love all the staff there. My massages are always great!

4/4/21 (LeAnne)

Spent my birthday with friends getting pampered at Healing Touch. Luxurious feel and a great experience. Efficient yet not rushed, with a calm, soothing atmosphere. Will definitely return !

3/31/21 (Rebecca)

Was a great anniversary couples massage. We had our own room to change and relax. Both massage therapists were wonderful and skilled in their trade! Would certainly recommend!

3/27/21 (Amanda)

I love every time I have the opportunity to go to Healing Touch Spa to receive a massage from Deb. She has healing hands that are able to provide deep pressure. I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated when I leave. Thank you!

3/26/21 (Katie)

The staff are caring and welcoming. Emily was wonderful. Looking forward to going again!


3/24/21 (Michael)

Rochelle was an excellent massage therapist. Knowledge and professional. Staff is very friendly. The whole place is clean well appointed.


3/10/21 (Mia)

Very relaxing environment and an excellent massage! Professional and kind staff. Loved my experience and will be going back!


3/8/21 Walt

Excellent friendly staff and service


3/8/21 (Erin)

Magnificent service, wonderful experience. I recommend Rochelle. Every time I'm in town, I book with her and get some relief for my chronic aches. She customizes my treatments based on what I need at that given time. You won't be disappointed!


3/7/21 (Jeff)

Nikki my massage therapist was Absolutely the best. Tops on my list.


3/5/21 (Marie)

What a treasure to find on the second floor of the new Hilton! I was able to walk in and luckily they had a cancellation and was able to get in to experienced their 45 minute massage. Perfect after four stressful days at Mayo Clinic. Wonderful to relax on the heated table. I had fun picking out which scent to spray on my mask. I chose peppermint! The price was reasonable too! Hoping I can squeezed one more visit in before heading home.
Highly recommended. Make sure to call ahead to make an appointment.


2/23/21 (anonymous)

Probably the most professional and optimal experience you can hope to have. You leave being a better version of yourself.

2/19/21 (Karen)

the couples massage was wonderful! both did an excellent job and we were very pleased. Thank you Rochelle for the added calf exercises for my husband. He really appreciated them and thank you Harry for the excellent work you did on my neck. I think you pulled it back out of my shoulders! Ha Keep up the wonderful work both of you!


2/17/21 (Elvira)

Great relaxing massage
After being at the Mayo Clinic for more than a month, dealing with significant health issues I looked forward to a relaxing massage at Healing Touch, before my flight home. They are conveniently located just outside the Hilton accessible by the 2nd floor skyway. HT was very clean, the ambiance relaxing, and Emily was very good, with just the right amount of pressure. I had the Himalayan hot stone massage which was excellent, one of the best massages I have ever had. When I return to Mayo, I wouldn’t hesitate to book another massage there again. They have a large menu of massages & facials to choose from. The only downside is having to wear the mask during the massage, even when prone, which made it extremely difficult for me to breathe.



2/14/21 (Erica)

Everyone was very kind and helpful. The facility was clean. I added on the “sweetheart” package to our couples massage and it was very nice and well worth the price if you’re going this Valentines weekend. I was actually there to celebrate a birthday and was even provided a gift. Thank you for making our day relaxing and enjoyable!

2/12/21 (Shaima)

I tried the facial and it was not only cleansing and hydrating it was a very relaxing experience with a head massage and very nice vibes to relax and the place is very clean and they care about the sanitization and she was very professional


2/10/21  (Andrea) 

I was able to get in the same day for an hour massage. My therapist listened to my problems and asked for my input on the type of massage I wanted and where to focus. She was detail oriented and knowledgeable. I will definitely be going there in the future.

2/8/21 Teala

Great communication and such kind knowledgeable people. They made me feel calm and very welcome. Nikki, my lady, in particular, I was beyond grateful for. Her calm demeanor and years of experience helped us get a game plan and where to start to help me with my back, neck and hip pain. The 1hr was magic! I will be returning!!


2/6/21 (Anonymous)

Great massage, relaxing and therapeutic, Deb is really good at what she does, would highly recommend!


2/6/21 Kayla B

Excellent service - hands down!!!


2/2/21 (Chloe)

One of the workers Rochelle did an amazing jobs! She was very understanding and overall made the massage so comfortable and relaxing!!!

2/1/21 (B)

Great evening!
Very enjoyable couples evening where the staff took good care of us. Several services wrapped up in one relaxing session. Will definitely book here again!

1/31/21 (Debbie B)

My husband and I really enjoyed our massages. We felt very relaxed and it was long over due. However, we do feel the pricing for an hour was a bit high. They could have given us a discount of some sort. We did go in for a couples massage. They did give me 10 dollars off for my Birthday. Which I thought was very nice. In comparison to other places. This massage place was very expensive. We really thought it would have been a little better experience, for the price. With tip for the 2 of us was 288. That is almost the price of our hotel room for 3 nights. I doubt we will return unless you offer any specials. Other than that we can't complain!

Reply: Hello Debbie, Thank you for taking the time to post review - we really appreciate it! Our prices are based entirely on our expenses and we pride ourselves on paying our staff a livable wage. I'm very glad that you enjoyed your services and that we made your birthday special by a having a complimentary gift for you. I would love to hear how it would have been a better experience - we always welcome suggestions. If you decide to visit us again we will be delighted to see you and Jason! Warm regards, Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner) 

1/27/21 (Carolyn S)

The Gommage body scrub was very relaxing and refreshing. My skin felt revitalized afterward. The treatment room was beautiful and the therapist very professional. The foot massage and reflexology treatment were also relaxing and educational. Highly recommended!

1/26/21 (Jessica R)

Great service and attention to detail for treatment!


1/23/21 (Janet T)
My experience was totally amazing. Laura was thoughtful, thorough, professional and pleasant. It was perfect!!

1/17/21 (Christine K)

I had a lovely 90 minute massage with Nikki. It was very relaxing and she worked out my knots. I’ll be back.

1/5/21 (Ashley D)

Really enjoyed my recent treatment and experience at Healing Touch! Their staff is warm and welcoming right upon entering and you feel so relaxed the entire time! Would highly recommend!

1/4/21 - Sandra B

I’m horrible at names but I know it started with an Em. She was grate though, staff was very friendly and welcoming. And the massage was amazing🥰 I took my daughter with me and she agrees that we left feeling relaxed.😌

1/3/21 (Pam & Don F)

They did an excellent job on massages.

1/3/21 Aliesha Z

Nikki was ahhhhmaaaaaazinnnnggggg. So professional and skilled at her job. Will definitely be coming back.

12/31/20 DeeDee E

I always enjoy visiting Healing Touch, it's a lovely calm environment and everyone is so friendly. Nikki is great! I feel wonderfully relaxed after a massage.

12/30/20 (Jelena M)

Safe and clean. Had a great massage with Deb! Highly recommend!

12/30/20 (Holly S)

Ask for Nikki!
I've had massages in several places in Rochester, MN and was never 100% satisfied until I had a therapeutic massage with Nikki at Healing Touch. Not only is their customer service outstanding (I came in one time for my birthday and they had a gift waiting for me!) but the quality of the massage was top notch! I will NEVER go anywhere else in Rochester!

12/28/20 (Peter H)

The therapist Nikki, stands out as an excellent therapist every time. Along with the serene environment, it’s unparalleled. Thank you!!

12/23/20 (Chris E)

Staff were very professional and accommodating. My therapist was tender but firm. She found the areas that were knotted up and needed attention. Highly recommend!

12/21/20 (Lauren Z)

I’ve always had a wonderful experience with Healing Touch - all staff are friendly and welcoming and they really listen to your wants and needs. Rochelle is now my go-to massage therapist

12/20/20 (Clare C)

I had a terrific massage. Thank you!

12/20/20 (Shannon J)

Very professional. The massage was wonderful! I highly recommend.

12/19/20 (BG)

Hot Stone Massage
Relaxing massage. Felt well taken care of by the massage therapist. The hot stones were wonderful and a perfect temperature.

12/17/20 (Andy)

My massage was amazing. Rochelle was excellent and her knowledge and her technique is first rate. I have been to spas all over the world and this was one of the best massages I have received.
Highly recommend Healing Touch Spa

12/10/20 (Kristi K)

Friendly staff and Rochelle was amazing! I had a great massage from her!!

12/8/20 (Catherine H)

Great massage and wonderful staff!

11/30/20 - (D. G.)

My experience was amazing. The massage therapist named Deb was fantastic.

11/27/20 (Peggy N)

Excellent service. Best deep tissue massage I’ve ever had!

11/23/20 (Jeremiah S)

Amazing Experience!
I was having extreme back pain and could barely walk. I had a 60 minute deep tissue massage with Deb. By the end of it I could stand up and walk and my back pain was gone!

11/24/20 (Kara H)

Great atmosphere, treatment, and massage therapist (Rochelle)...overall an excellent experience! I will definitely be back!

11/23/20 (Stephanie J)

I was gifted a spa package from my significant other. I have had the pleasure of going to many spas in the past, but Rochelle was the absolute best. We talked for a short while, then she was quiet during my massage only checking on me occasionally to make sure the pressure was right. It was pure bliss.

I do have one bit of feedback for the desk, this was purchased as a gift, but once I got there I was told I was the client so they deleted all of his credit card information and contact information so I needed to pay with my credit card. I do believe there needs to by a better system for gifting as I had one unhappy boyfriend when I got home

Response to Stephanie  from Owner:

Hello Stephanie, Thank you for your feedback - we appreciate it! I apologize for the mix-up with the credit card. That was my mistake. I didn't realize that your boyfriend had a separate profile with his credit card number for us to use for your service. So sorry! I have contacted him and offered to refund your card and charge his. I'm glad that you enjoyed your Ultimate Escape with Rochelle! Warm regards, Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/owner)

11/21/20 (Brooke D)

Best and most relaxing massage I have ever had. You definitely get spoiled here!

11/20/20 (Teri S)

I was not impressed with the massage skills of the therapist. More time was spent with warm towels and light on massage.

Response to Teri from Owner:

Hello Teri, Our goal is that every client have an excellent experience at Healing Touch Spa. And when that doesn't happen, I reach out to the client to make right. I have called and left you a voice message, sent you a private message via IM and also sent you an email. You have not responded to my efforts to contact you. I would like to have a conversation with you, but can't if you don't respond to me. Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)

11/12/20 (Mallory H)

New location is beautiful and calming. Danielle was phenomenal!

11/9/20 (Maria G)

"Emily did an amazing job! She is incredibly gifted and talented at body work. She noticeably improved my left sciatica with one visit. I wish I wasn't just passing through Rochester and could see her every week! Emily is a very skilled therapist. Thank you!"

10/29/20 (Deanna G)

My experience was amazing. The massage therapist named Deb was fantastic😊 👍🏻

10/26/20 (Becky K)

Have been to Healing Touch Spa before. Their new location is wonderful. Loved the atmosphere. My therapist was terrific! Highly recommend this place.

10/22/20 (KJ)

Healing Touch Spa is a fabulous place to relax! Rochelle and Nikki are both fantastic at what they do. They listen to you and are very in tune with working on your problem areas. Highly recommend!🧡

10/20/20 (Sarah S)

Brycia was so amazing that I came back and saw her a week later, this time bringing my husband in for a couples massage. He was very impressed with Rochelle's pressure and technique. The rooms have great lighting, music is perfect, and everyone is professional and sincere. I love the extra touches during the session like a warm pillow and warm socks after the foot massage. I won't be going anywhere else!

10/19/20 (Michelle N)

Honestly the best massage I've ever had, can't recommend enough!

10/15/20 (Mary W)

Lovely spa. Very comfortable with all Covid precautions taken. Very pleasant staff.

10/15/20 (Karen S)

Everyone very professional. All COVID standards met. Great massage. Beautiful facility. Will definitely return. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

10/11/20 (Colette S)

Staff is knowledgeable about medical conditions and accommodations. Wonderful experience.

10/5/20 (Betty C)

Danielle was the best masseuse I’ve ever had it felt like I was in heaven and an angel was working on my body


9/27/20 Deb L

They were attentive and provided individualized massage. Brycia was wonderful and knowledgeable about anatomy therefore able to target the muscles where I had tension. All friendly.

9/26/20 (Lorelle B)

There was a calming atmosphere as soon as I stepped in the door. Friendly staff and very relaxing massage.

9/24/20 (Summer S)

Experience was great! Staff was excellent!

9/15/20 (Mary E)

The entire experience is superb from start to finish! Emily is the best!

9/14/20 (Brooke H)

What a great experience at Healing Touch Spa. My first visit was with Rochelle for a 45 minute back/neck/shoulder deep tissue massage. It was extremely relaxing and effective. Two weeks later I came back for more of the same for 60 minutes adding the arms to the session (Rochelle’s recommendation). It was amazing.

9/8/20 (Wendy)

My massage therapist was really able to loosen the knots in my back. She also offered the use of hot stones, and I'm so glad I tried them! The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely go back!

9/8/20 (Lesley M)

Deb Is An A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Massage Therapist!!! She Listens & Works On The Areas You Need To Feel Better!!! I Would HIGHLY Recommend Her!!! The Spa Is New & Very Nice Also!!!

9/8/20 (Wendy)

My massage therapist was really able to loosen the knots in my back. She also offered the use of hot stones, and I'm so glad I tried them! The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely go back!

9/4/20 (Allan S)

Had a great experience at Healing Touch Spa. They were able to get me into a 90 minute massage the day of calling and it was well worth it!

8/29/20 (Jerilyn W)

Love this place! Deb is awesome. Helps me manage my desk job and my headaches.

8/27/20 (Laura A)

I can not say enough good things about Healing Touch Spa and it's employees. Thank you for making my birthday simply wonderful!

8/26/20 (Dianne R)

Friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere and excellent massage!

8/26/20 (Jeff H)

Excellent massage very professional highly recommend.

8/26/20 (Jennifer R)

Always love coming here. Have been a happy customer for years. I’m horrible planning messages weeks in advance. I love that I can call healing touch the day before or day of and get in. Not all the time but usually 80% of the Time they can get me in. This does mean I get a new person every time but that is ok. I have never had a bad or even an ok massage at healing touch. They range from great to AMAZING! I’ve been worked on by the experienced staff and their new people and it’s always been wonderful. I’d list names but anyone you get will treat you right. Healing touch trains there staff to high standards. The new location in the sky way is beautiful as well. Always Highly recommend to my friends and family. Update 8/2020- with Covid 19 this has been my first time back since the pandemic started. Even with the extra measures in place it was still a great massage. I wore my mask and the masseuse wore hers. The mask did not interfere with the massage and it was still a wonderful experience.

8/20/20 (anonymous)

Top-notch Spa!
I had a wonderfully relaxing deep massage with Harry! He hit all of my problem areas. Healing Touch is superb in client experience! Highly recommend to anyone coming to Rochester. The space is very calming and peaceful and the staff treated me extremely well. Excellent job!

8/13/20 (Mary K)

Beautiful spa, great massage. Little extras such as warm towels for your hands & feet and under neck that I’ve not had elsewhere. Always able to book a time convenient for me.

8/12/20 (Jeslyn W)

Our massages were nice, but quite overpriced.

Response: Hello Jeslyn,  Thank you for posting a review. We pride ourselves on paying our staff a living wage so although you may think our massages are overpriced, we base our prices on our expenses and paying our staff well. Mary Jo Majerus (Founder/Owner)


8/7/20 (Jen G)

Best Massage in town
Deb was great! Very knowledgable and professional. I would highly recommend Healing Touch. The new location is beautiful, a very peaceful and relaxing environment.


8/3/20 (Nicole V)

If I could rate with twenty stars I would! Best massage I’ve ever received (and I’ve had many in multiple states).


7/30/20 (Jeanne S)

I had a very nice 80 or 90 minutes massage from Danielle, one of the best ever really. No painful, but effective, relaxing and worked out quite a few kinks. And Covid safe, and blessedly quiet and free of small talk. thank you Danielle


7/27/20 (David H)

Beautiful little spa in the Hilton skyway in Rochester. I had an amazing massage while in town for the Mayo Clinic. I will certainly book again next time I'm in town.


7/25/20 (Michelle O)

Very nice facility, excellent and kind staff, and the massages and treatments are the best I have experienced.

7/25/20 (Michelle K)

2nd time coming here and again impressed with the facility, the price and the outstanding care they provide. Such kind employees, and I leave feeling great.


7/19/20 (V. Hef)

GREAT massage with Danielle!! She is awesome- I booked a 90 min massage and added hot stone treatment to it and it was an incredibly relaxing experience. Definitely will go back when I am here next!

7/18/20 (Lewis L)

Very good massage, my massage therapist was more informative then most doctors. Infact she helped me identify my condition ive had been living with for 9 years. Thank you Danielle

7/13/20 (Joetta K)

Great experience
After two long days of driving to bring my husband to doctor's appointments this was an absolutely great experience! Everyone was so nice and helpful trying to get me an appointment and I felt so much better afterwards. Will plan on doing this every time we come to town!

7/13/20 (Amy J)

Nicki was wonderful. The staff was very attentive and friendly. Everyone was masked. The new location is gorgeous.

6/28/20 (June K)

Danielle was Great for a massage.
Danielle was great. She was able to help with my intense migraine. She was able to target the tight sports in my head, neck, and shoulders. I already have had a second appointment.

6/23/20 (anonymous) 

I am so gratefull.  I was lucky I got in for same day appointment as Nikki is usually very busy. It was extraordinary. I suffer from cronic backpain, but Nikki is fabulous as she knows exactly where to press and how much. After the massage, I was feeling so light! Thank you.

6/20/20 (Patricia)

Very accommodating. Great massage

6/17/20 (Jenny)

By far...THE BEST massage EVER! Rochelle was very conscientious of my needs. Perfect hour

6/11/20 (Jordan)

My massage was excellent (Thank you, Deb), and all staff were very careful in explaining and following procedures to reduce COVID risk.
They also e-mailed me personally to share some cool resources for those visiting the area (: very impressed all around!

6/11/20 (Matt)

Rochelle and the staff are just excellent! Highly recommend!

6/10/20 (Gina)

I have a lot of trouble in right leg with swelling. Nikki give a great massage helping my lymphatic draining to work correctly. Seen results immediately. Highly recommend!!!!

6/10/20 (Helen)

My co-worker and I had blissful foot massages because we are on our feet all of the time and really needed some physical therapy! Of course it was much more than a foot massage. The spa in the Hilton is beautiful and clean, and the accommodations are comforting and soothing. The massage therapists knew what to do, and we are so thankful.

6/10/20 (Lauren)

I’ve always had a wonderful experience with Healing Touch - all staff are friendly and welcoming and they really listen to your wants and needs.

6/9/20 (Jake)

Rochelle was able to alleviate my neck, hip, and lower back pain. Looking forward to my massage next month! I recommend Healing Touch to all my family & friends.

6/8/20 (Carrie)

Thank you for a wonderful experience. My husband planned a couple's massage for our 25th anniversary, and the staff recommended flowers and champagne after the treatment. We had a wonderful time, especially considering the challenges of "celebrating" during the coronavirus pandemic. We appreciate the thoughtfulness and professionalism of Healing Touch Spa staff. Thank you again! We loved every moment.

6/7/20 (Amber)

I have gone to healing touch for a while. Its great as I can go over my lunch hour. Their new facility is great. The therapist are amazing. I like deep pressure massages and they make sure the pressure is right.